Free Diving World Record Minutes 2021

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free diving world record minutes
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A free diving champion has smashed a world record after holding his breath for a staggering 11 minutes and 54 seconds. A freediver has set a new world record.


At the center there are 2 aida judges and the center is located 8 minutes far away from the hyperbaric chamber attainable by rescue boat or in few minutes by car. By the dive informer team | aug 15, 2018 | blog, free diving.

Free Diving World Record Minutes

Freediving is perhaps the most established type of diving and includes divers diving as profound as they can dive on one breath of air.Freediving world apnea center can organize and manage in any moment, thanks to the good weather conditions, national and world record attempt in all the disciplines in depth and in pool.Freediving world record set by william trubridge with 122m dive.He is a various world champion and the present holder of the world’s freediving record.

He is the current freediving world record champion and the deepest man on earth.He reached a depth of 262 feet in just two minutes where he grabbed hold of an illuminated plate before rising to the surface to claim the world record for the deepest free dive under ice with fins.Herbert nitsch is an austrian freediver who has held world records in all of the eight freediving disciplines recognised by aida international.Herbert nitsch is aptly known as “the deepest man on earth,” as he holds the current world record for the deepest free dive at 831 feet.

In may, she dived to a depth of 71 metres in waters off egypt.In october 2016, alexey molchanov broke the record for constant weight freediving when he dove 129 meters in 3 minutes and 50 seconds in la paz, mexico.James nestor says diving the ocean shows how much we can learn about our planet and its inhabitants—including us.Nitsch holds 33 world records and can hold his breath for over 9 minutes!

On his second try of the day yesterday morning (dec.Slovenian alenka artnik breaks the world freediving record after a dizzying descent to 114 metres in monofin.The following national records have been verified by the us freediving federation and follow the guidelines of cmas, the worldwide underwater federation.The latest dive saw him hold his breath for four minutes and 24 seconds.

The static apnea freediving record (sta) is determined by how long a freediver can hold their breath (apnea).The world record for the longest amount of time underwater without any oxygen assistance before the record is held by stephane mifsud (france) who held his breath for 11 minutes and 35 seconds in the summer of 2009, its difficult to truly grasp just how insane that feat is with the average man being able to hold his breath for maybe 2 minutes.This title was given to him when he set a world record in the no limits discipline at the depth of 214 meters.To be eligible for any of the records below (including world records), you must be a member in good standing with the us freediving federation, announce to the usff that you will attempt a national or world record, make the attempt.

To date, he has achieved 33 official world records across all freediving.While some records have been broken with the use of oxygen, others have been broken by breathing 100% oxygen.| freediving in united arab emirates.

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